Friday, July 5, 2013

Virtual Student Foreign Service: Helping The US Embassy from Abroad!

I would like to take a moment to share with you our Virtual Student Foreign ServiceVSFS is the U.S. Department of State’s virtual eInternship program for U.S. citizen college students to contribute to the work carried out by the State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, Broadcasting Board of Governors, and the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture.  By committing ten hours per week from September through April, selected eInterns will play an important role in advancing the federal government’s reach in diplomacy, development, journalism, trade, and agriculture initiatives, and without the need for a security clearance. 

This process is competitive, so be sure to check out the Facebook and apply today! Last yer there were 1200 applications for only 343 projects. This year there are only 276!

The Public Affairs Section at the US Embassy in Vilnius has a project in the works, and when applying, make sure you apply to project #43! The project is called Promoting Economic Understanding of the United States. 

In this project, our Virtual Foreign Service colleague will “introduce” Lithuanian audience to the U.S. marketplace by highlighting principle industries and exports from a variety of U.S. cities and states. The student will choose 10–15 states and major U.S. cities, research promotional and informational materials available from their local economic development authorities and compile short videos which explain major industries and investment opportunities available for each location.  These videos will inform the Lithuanian audience, giving them an investment portrait of a variety of cities and states.  

This understanding will be vital for Lithuanian businesses and the general public, especially in light of the ongoing Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) discussions and negotiations. Students can choose how best to present these videos, such as conducting interviews with business leaders, producing an in-depth economic analysis of each area, etc.
      No foreign language skills are required, but we would prefer to engage someone with a strong economic background with some understanding of international business and trade.
      Interested undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students can apply to up to three new positions on USAJobsSelected eInterns will be invited to join a closed online community and will receive recognition for successfully completing an eInternship from the State Department. Available positions are posted on  Interviews will be conducted in August and students will be notified in early September if there is a match.  Security clearances are not required. I hope that the American readers will take advantage of this opportunity to have a great internship, and to assist our Embassy from the States! And if you're reading this in Lithuania -- please tell all your American friends about this opportunity!

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